On August 4, 2016 the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission published the Decree No. 110, which includes a decision on introduction of a new technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union (former Customs Union) on limiting hazardous substances in electrical appliances. Currently the draft regulation has been approved by the Council, it is going to be sent for final revision to the Eurasian Economic Commission shortly. 

On July 18th, 2016 the official publication and coming into force of the amendments concerning the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union on the safety of textile goods (CU TR 017/2011) took place. The revision of the document was necessary due to its implementation. The amendments concern the contents and technical aspects in the first place.

During the next meeting of the Eurasian Economic Commission the board members are planning to initiate negotiations with the authorities of Serbia regarding the signing of an agreement on free trade.

New amendments will concern equipment meant for processing alimentary products and destined for public catering: office canteens, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.

On June 01, 2016 the Russian government excluded foodstuffs prohibited for importation destined for the production of children food from the embargo list. Among such products: beef, chicken and vegetables. The Ministry of Agriculture (Minselkhoz) will be responsable for defining the products’ scope of application.

The board members of the Eurasian Economic Commission approved on May 10, 2016 the decision on the technical regulation on requirements for liquefied gas implemented as fuel.

On April 28, 2016 the French National Assembly adopted a motion to the resolution which suggests not extending the European sanctions against Russia.

Changes to the plan of elaboration of new technical regulations, as well as amendments which are planned to be introduced into the regulations in force.

Changes to the technical regulation of the Customs Union CU TR 018/2011 on safety of wheeled vehicles starting from 2018. New requirements concerning vehicles (chassis) are going to be added.