CCIS-Expertise Translation Services

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CCIS-Expertise specializes in:

  • Technical translation (manuals, drawings, schemes, specific technical documents like Safety Data Sheets, Ignition Hazard Assessment, etc.)
  • Legal translation
  • Proofreading
  • Multilingual Projects

We translate into any language of your choice and from any source language.

Technical translation:

CCIS-Expertise ensures accurate translation of your technical documents

Technical documents are some of the most complex to translate. To perform their translation, we offer:

  • Specialists who are used to working with documents with technical content
  • A possibility to accept all formats
  • Translators having technical expertise.

Every day we translate all sorts of technical documents (Manuals, Drawings, Schemes, Safety Data Sheets, Ignition Hazard Assessment, standards, etc.).
To meet our customers’ requirements, we use the services of translators who have successful prior experience in the relevant industry and master the related terminology specific to the sector. Our translators only translate into their native languages. To ensure compliance with the preferred terminology of our customers for each translation, we can also establish multilingual glossaries containing key terms.

Reduce the costs of technical translations

Our pricing system for technical translations is based on the number of pages contained in source documents. However, for our customers not to pay the full rate for sections that are repeated within documents to be translated, we use specialized software to detect potential repetitions in files.
This enables us to reduce the cost of translations, offer swifter turnaround times and ensure translation consistency.
As additional benefits for our customers with who we collaborate on a regular basis, we can create translation memories and use them as a benchmark for each new order. Thanks to these memories, the terminology is consistent from one document to the next, turnaround times are shortened, and translation costs are reduced.

Privacy of your technical documents during the translation process

We maintain the utmost privacy over the technical documents you provide us for translation. To ensure this, we commit to signing non-disclosure agreements upon request in the beginning of our business relations.

Legal translation

The translators we select for these projects are all legal language experts. They have perfect knowledge of legal terminology and specific legal aspects in each country or field: business law, corporate law, commercial law, etc.

What type of legal documents do we translate?

Sales agreements, articles of association, shareholder agreements, reports, rulings, K-bis extracts (company registration document in France), Contracts, powers of attorney, terms, and conditions of sale, use and purchase, etc.


Translation of the documents requires professional foreign language editing before submission. Our professional translators will perform a detailed proofreading and help following the rules of academic writing by checking spelling, grammar, sentence structure and terminology.

Multilingual Projects

Multilingual translation services may come in handy once your content needs to be presented in several languages, within a short period of time. Our technical expertise in Project Management makes it possible to run projects that combine different file and content formats, as well as various languages at the same time. For more information click here.