Stage for investment 

CCIS-Expertise supports its customers throughout the lifecycle of the project. Are you considering buying a new industrial site or resumption of an existing facility or simply you want to make sure your company complies with all applicable local environmental laws, CCIS-Expertise offers support in all issues related to environment, health and safety.

Choice of land

CCIS-Expertise can provide information about available land the most suitable for industrial implementation in all regions of the CIS.
The lands are subject to a detailed review of compliance with your business needs.
Technical analysis of the land aims to identify the critical parameters of the technical, legal and other aspects of the land. Many lots are analyzed simultaneously in order to select the most suitable land for the project.

Implementation report:

CCIS-Expertise provides the investor with full report on the launch of offered land:
Implementation plan:
  • information about the region including population
  • geographical layout, information about property
  • specialized existing networks (energy, fluid communications etc.)
  • examination of the environmental situation including the susceptibility of nuisance
CCIS-Expertise conducts an independent audit of all the technical documentation that defines the cost of construction and the most appropriate technologies.
Establishing relations with local authorities and professional networks in civil engineering can reduce the cost and time of connection to networks (energy, fluid communications etc.).

Study of the impact on the environment (eco audit)

The ecological audit conducted by CCIS-Expertise is centered around the following points:
  • defining the scope of protection
  • verification of the presence of lot of documents and required authorizations
  • monitoring of compliance with local regulations