Industrial Security: GGTN Permit (GosGorPromNadzor)


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Industrial Security: GGTN Permit (GosGorPromNadzor): main definitions

Permit of Use GGPN (GosGorPromNadzor) in Ukraine is issued by the State Departmentof Industrial Safety, Labour Protection and Mining Supervisionin the Ministry of Emergency Situations (Gosgorpromnadzor)
For products under the jurisdiction of Gosgorpromnadzor of Ukraine, at the time of putting into service it is necessary to show GGPN Permit (GosGorPromNadzor) to obtain the operating license for products in Ukraine.
In accordance with Article 21 of LawNo. 2694-XII issued on October 14, 1992 in Ukraine "About Labour Protection", the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued on October 26, 2011N1107 approved the permit issued by the GosGorPromNadzor Committee and its subsidiaries.

According to this decree, it uses the following terms:

Expertise is the activity of expert organizations aimed to assess the compliance of equipment with requirements of laws and other regulations about labour protection and industrial safety;
The expertise of the Industrial Safety is the key document of the procedure for obtaining the GGPN Permit. It must be performed by an authorized body on the basis of documents provided by the applicant.
The Expert report is a document prepared by the expert organization about the results of the examination that provides information about the requirements of laws and regulations about labour protection and industrial safety related to the subject of the expertise.

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Scope and products / equipment involved

Putting into service of any technical device for a hazardous industrial site requires the implementation of industrial security expertise and the issuance of Permit of Use (GGPN).

These are basically materials used in the following areas:

  • obtaining, use, processing, training, storage, transportation, disposal of hazardous materials such as:

flammable gases, fuels, explosives, toxic to living organisms, toxic to the environment

  • use of pressure equipment> 0.07 MPa or temperatures> 115 ° C
  • use of lifting equipment
  • obtaining molten metals and derived alloys
  • mine workings and ore benefication

GGTN Permit. GosGorPromNadzorPlacing on the market:

To place products / equipment on the market, the manufacturer or its authorized agent must:

  • meet the requirements of the national industrial safety
  • apply the procedures to assess operating safety
  • obtain the satisfactory industry expert report and permits and ensure that it is attached to products
In practice GGPN permit is required at time of putting the equipment into service on the Ukrainian territory, keeping in mind that the duration of obtaining this document is 6 months.

How to get it and applicable procedures

Expert report is issued by an expert body according to the form prescribed by GosGorPromNadzor of Ukraine.
The above procedure defines the procedure for issuing and revocation of permits by the GGPN GosGorPromNadzor of Ukraine.
The GGPN permit for equipment of foreign origin is issued by the State Committee of Ukraine. GGPN permit for the equipment of Ukrainian origin is issued by the territorial authorities.
To obtain the GGPN permit the legal person or legal entity must apply to the GosGorPromNadzor organization under a regulatory form.

This application must be accompanied by the following:

  • administrative information about the manufacturer and supplier of equipment;
  • information folder;
  • program and methods for testing equipment;
  • test protocol;
  • act of corrective actions (if necessary);
  • conditions and requirements for operating safety;
  • technical maintenance procedures, troubleshooting and diagnostics.
The components of the information folder should allow the experts to check if the equipment has been designed in accordance with all operating safety measures: these are the plans, drawings, material certificates, component acceptance testing etc. Depending on the type of equipment, other documents may be requested.

The duration and receipt of the GGTN Permits:

Type of certificate
Time of receipt
Time of working out certification file
By exporter (standard procedure)
By us (accelerated procedure)
GGPN Permit
Valid for one entry : a single shipment of a product or a batch of products
4-6 months*
1-6 months
1 months
GGPN Permit
Valid for 3 years: for mass production exported for the first time
Valid for 5 years: for mass production at the moment of renewing GGPN Permit
4-6 months*
1-6 months
1 months
*- time frame is indicated from the date of complete technical file delivery  

Our solutions :

  • obtaining GGPN Permit;
  • Implementation of industry expertise;
  • organizing and conducting the audit of the industrial site;
  • preparation o ftechnical passports for all types of equipment (pressure<0.7bar; pressure equipment >0.7 bar, compressors, pumps, valves,piping, electrical equipment, etc.).
  • drafting of pre-filled models of passports;
  • verification of design notes;
  • supervision of welding procedures;
  • assistance in acceptance tests;
  • compliance program and test methods;
  • development of Conditions and operational safety requirements;
  • formatting of the information folder.

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Other additional certifications or registrations are required when obtaining the GGPN Permit:
Metrologic certificate;
Exproof certificate 

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