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Certification and products compliance


Certification and products compliance

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Certification and products compliance

EAEU TR 047/2018 "Safety of alcohol products" - EAC registration

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Technical Regulation EAEU TR 047/2018 on Safety of Alcohol Products: history and main definitions

Technical Regulation EAEU TR 047/2018 on Safety of Alcohol Products adopted in the framework of the Eurasian Union between Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan and Russia by the Decree No. 98 of December 5, 2018 of the Eurasian Economic Commission is planned to come into force on January 1, 2024.

Scope and relevant products

This technical regulation of the Eurasian Union applies to all alcohol products except:

  • alcohol products in transit through the territory of Member States 
  • alcohol products produced for scientific purposes
  • alcohol products produced by individuals for personal use without the purpose of their subsequent sale in the territories of Member States
  • alcohol products exported under foreign trade agreements outside the territories of the Member States
  • products containing ethyl alcohol (given in Appendix N 1 of the Technical Regulation TR EAEU 047/2018)

Market LaunchCertificate CU TR 047 2018

Prior to launching alcohol products onto the market, the manufacturer / representative should:

  • comply with the basic health and safety requirements of the Technical Regulation EAEU TR 047/2018
  • apply procedures for conformity assessment
  • obtain conformity documents and make sure that the latter is included in products
  • make sure that every product’s packaging bear the EAC mark

In practice, any products coming onto the Eurasian Union markets (sales outlets and commissioning sites) after customs clearance should include originals / certified copies of conformity documents.

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We offer solutions for:Declaration of Conformity EAEU TR 047 2018

  • obtaining EAC registration
  • advising on product labeling, and on documents required for EAC registration 
  • organizing and supporting on-site inspections at the point of production by authorized experts
  • testing and analyzing your products in authorized laboratories
  • developing specifications and reference systems for voluntary certification

Additional services:

  • monitoring of sector-specific regulations
  • monitoring of regulations to pre-ensure that your products conform with all the imposed requirements, for example, prospective analysis of serial production
  • providing applicable regulatory documents for your products (translation and comments by our experts)
  • consulting regarding the regulatory risk management


Labeling of alcohol products must comply with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union " Food Products in Part of Its Labeling " (TR EAEU 022/2011) and, in some cases, contain additional information:

  • name of alcohol product
  • Name, location (address of the legal entity), including the country, and telephone number of the manufacturer (person authorized by the manufacturer), importer of the alcohol product
  • ethyl alcohol volume fraction (alcohol strength) (% vol.)
  • the volume of products in a unit of consumer packaging
  • mass concentration of sugars (g/dm, g/L, g/100 cm)

Conformity Marking EACEurasian Conformity mark EAC

The conformity mark "EAC (EurAsian Conformity) consists of an acronym. It means that the products certified are compliant with the essential health and safety requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Union.

Alcohol products, which have successfully undergone the procedure of conformity assessment and EAC registration according to EAEU TR 047/2018 have to bear the single conformity mark "EAC". It should be placed either on products’ package or should products contain only transport package – on the documents accompanying the products or on the transport package/its tag.

Statutory referenceEAEU TR 047-2018

Download the Decree No. 98 issued by the Eurasian Union Commission on December 5, 2018 (in Russian) regarding the Technical Regulation EAEU TR 047/2018 on safety of alcohol products.

The text in English and/or French of the Technical Regulation EAEU TR 047/2018 on safety of alcohol products with comments of CCIS-EXPERTISE experts is available in our e-shop.