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Certification and products compliance


Certification and products compliance

Which CU TR / EAEU TR applicable for your product ?

Certification and products compliance

CU TR 019/2011 "Safety of personal protective equipment (PPE)" - certification and declaration of conformity

Technical Regulations CU TR 019/2011 on the safety of personal protective equipment (PPE): main definitionsEurasian Economic Union

Technical Regulations CU TR 019/2011 on the safety of personal protective equipment (PPE) adopted in the context of Customs Union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan by Decree No. 878 of 12.09.2011 of the Commission Customs Union is returned into force on 01.06.2012.

Scope and relevant products:

1. means of individual protection of mechanical factors
2. means of individual protection chemical factors
3. means of individual protection factors of radiation (ionizing radiation external substances and radioactive)
4. the personal protection means and high (or) low temperatures
5. high and (or) low impact thermal arc, ionizing radiation, defeated by the electric current, as well as the impact of static
6. special clothing for visibility
7. means of individual protection complex
8. means of individual protection dermatological

Market LaunchCertificate CU TR 019 2011

Prior to launching products/equipment onto the market, the manufacturer / representative should:

  • comply with basic health and safety requirements (Technical Regulations CU TR 019/2011)
  • apply procedures for evaluation of conformity
  • obtain the certificate: declaration  of conformity and make sure that the latter is included in products
  • make sure that products bear the EAC mark   
In practice, any products coming onto the Customs Union markets (sales outlets and commissioning sites) after customs clearance should include originals / certified copies of certificates/declarations of conformity.

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We offer solutions for:Declaration of conformity EAEU TR 019 2011

  • obtaining certificates/declarations of conformity;
  • taking advice on product labeling, and on documents required for issuing certificates/declarations of conformity;
  • organizing and supporting on-site inspections at the point of production by the authorized experts;
  • testing and analyzing your products at the authorized laboratories;
  • developing specifications and reference systems for voluntary certification;

Additional services:

  • monitoring of sector-specific regulations
  • monitoring of regulations: to pre-ensure that your products conform to all imposed requirements. for example: prediction analysis of serial production
  • providing applicable regulatory documents for your products (translation and comments by our experts).

Conformity Marking EACEurasian Conformity mark EAC

The conformity marking "EAC" consists of an acronym. It means that the products certified to be compliant with the essential health and safety requirements of the Technical Regulations od the Custom Union. It provides access to the free displacement of the machine on the whole territory of the Custom Union.
TR conformity marking shall also be affixed visibly on the products and/or the accompanying documents.
TR logo is presented on the right.

Regulatory reference texts:EAEU TR 019 2011

Technical Regulations CU TR 019/2011 on the safety of personal protective equipment (PPE) Download: by Decree No. 878 of 12.09.2011of the Commission of the Customs Union “Technical Regulations CU TR 019/2011 on the safety of personal protective equipment (PPE)”

The text in English and/or French of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union CU TR 019/2011 on safety of personal protective equipment (PPE) with comments of CCIS-EXPERTISE experts is available in our e-shop.