Are you planning to start your business in Russia? 

Are you searching for qualified staff? 

CCIS-Expertise offers you effective solutions and decisions:

  • Selection of staff at all levels:
             - Recruitment;
             - Executive search;
             - Regional recruitment;
             - Mass recruitment.
  • Outstaffing (a process when employees of our Customer Companies are accepted into the company staff of Service Provider (CCIS-Expertise) and the Provider overtakes financial and legal responsibility for them);
  • Providing effective personnel;
  • Temporary staffing;
  • HR Consulting (labor market research, personnel assessment, outplacement);
  • Trainings.

What are the advantages of cooperatng with us?

  • Flexibility in taking decisions;
  • Expert review of production projects;
  • Full compliance of operations with the relevant labor and tax laws of the Russian Federation;
  • Providing services on labor protection;
  • Cutting expenses connected with personnel administration;
  • Retaining payroll in line with the actual staff number, providing compliance with the accepted payroll;
  • Reliable legal support;
  • Quality assurance.