Stage of construction and assembly 

The period of construction and assembly is generally the longest stage in the implementation of project for an industrial site.

CCIS-Expertise distinguishes three types of activity during this stage:

  • project management
  • obtaining of permit to put into service
  • management of calls for tender
The current economic climate characterized by strong major international competition imposes deadlines to investors for an investment project. There is also continuous increase in requirements in terms of the quality of the work in question.
Achieving these goals is possible only when a perfect co-ordination and consistency between all stakeholders in the project in form of the project management system is ensured. For this, CCIS-Expertise offers the competence of professional team in project management (EPCM "Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management").

The experienced project managers will: 

  • supervise the project globally to completion
  • develop a section of the construction documentation or the complete cycle of the construction
  • coordinate putting into service
  • establish and manage the project budget
  • implement financial control
  • plan and monitor the progress
  • continuously monitor the quality and safety

To obtain your permit to put into service, CCIS-Expertise intervenes directly or indirectly at different levels: 

  • compile the initial permits
  • prepare and obtain preliminary administrative approvals and permits
  • conduct negotiations with local authorities
  • obtain certificates and other approvals
  • prepare the site for putting into service
  • obtain a permit to operate 

The management by CCIS-Expertise of your calls for tender can be summarized as follows: 

  • defining the strategy of each tender
  • screening and selection of contractors / suppliers
  • preparatory documents for tenders
  • negotiating with contractors / suppliers
  • evaluation of commercial offers
  • preparation of contracts / orders