Regulatory monitoring in Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union: definitions

All companies that export their products are subject to regulations related to quality, health, safety and environment of the countries where these products will be marketed. 

The changing regulatory environment has two very important characteristics:

  1. A comprehensive reform of the regulatory system since 2009 establishes the principle of "conformity presumption" which is implemented through revision of the old local standards, the promulgation of technical regulations (local legal directives) and replaces the mandatory certification procedures through the manufacturers’ declarations.
  2. The creation of the Customs Union and EEU establishes systems of common technical regulations. 

Customized regulatory monitoring allows to know the texts to its activities and to implement appropriate actions to manage risks and to ensure the conformity of the upstream export.

The regulatory monitoring solution of CCIS-Expertise allows exporting companies to anticipate regulatory changes, risks and associated opportunities thanks to thorough monitoring of main regulating actors in the relevant geographic area.

It helps provide answers to the following questions:

  • what are the standards for your products?
  • what are the guidelines for regulatory changes?
  • what are the actors behind this regulatory change?
  • our competitors will they be more fortunate by these guidelines than we are?
  • how can we change the rules in our favour?
  • our leading product takes a risk to be not in accordance with local standards? 

It consists of:

  • Identifying your products according to the criteria of local standards
  • identifying and prioritizing regulations that have the greatest impact on the company's activity
  • identifying and implementing monitoring for all sources of external information which allows to anticipate regulatory changes (text of laws, decrees, standards, legal texts being prepared, governmental reports, ...)
  • Developing and continuous feeding of scoreboards and alerts
  • facilitating a collective analysis by internal experts concerned and the production of value-added summary information
  • accelerating the targeted distribution of this information and alerts among decision makers and operating staff
  • monitoring and managing of your action plan for prevention or compliance. 

From your regulatory reference set with your dedicated CCIS-Expertise consultant, we bring you a completely customized monitoring, depending on your activities (construction, environment, nuclear industry, transportation, safety ....), consumer goods, facilities and equipment.