What are Multilingual DTP Services?

The most basic description of Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services is adapting multilingual content and layout of a document to engage with international audiences. DTP is performed using a dedicated software. It is common for communication materials (brochures, newsletters, presentations, leaflets, etc.) and technical documents that you have designed to represent your brand or company.

Due to language differences such as word length, text direction, the same document will require completely different presentation in different languages, for example, the presentation won’t be the same for a document in French and Chinese. The objective of multilingual DTP is to lay out content in a relevant and attracting way and to make sure content is correctly localized.

Multilingual DTP combines:

  • Desktop publishing for foreign language content

  • Graphic design of appropriately localized versions of the original document

  • Delivery of ready-to-print files

Why use multilingual DTP?

First of all, multilingual DTP services are useful to ensure that your translated documents are delivered to the target audience in a readable and understandable form. The difference between a simple translation of the content and a translation process involving desktop publishing lies in the adaptation of the visual structure of the translated file, i.e. the adaptation of its format, graphic content organization, etc.

DTP helps maintain your company’s style across cultures and secure the integrity of your message. A well performed DTP should convince your target consumer that the product was originally created in their native tongue.

What can I do to speed up the DTP process?

There are several hints that can help make the process easier:

  1. Provide native files. Avoid sending in scanned PDFs or converted files.
  2. Send any company or brand specific guidelines for publishing. The understanding of your company’s vision, mission and positioning will ensure a better understanding of your needs with respect to the target market.
  3. Send auxiliary files that complete the product. Fonts, images, graphics related to the product will make DTP more efficient.

Why choose CCIS for your desktop publishing projects?

Our technical expertise and 10+ years’ experience in quality assurance for international projects allows the best fulfillment of your multilingual DTP project and deliver the result tailored to your needs. Each DTP project involves a DTP expert working closely with native speakers and client designers to deliver highly crafted visual content.