Get your products certified: this will open new doors and new markets for your company. Improving the performance of your organisation, gaining the confidence of new contacts and new markets, (re)mobilising your staff - the benefits of certification are numerous. With CCIS-EXPERTISE, the quality of your products will be recognised by your clients and all your contacts, and you will benefit from our expertise!

CCIS-EXPERTISE has a team of qualified experts for European product certification CE and national product certification in different countries requiring the obtaining of marking such as CCC, KC, EAC, SASO, ECAS, G-MARK, UkrSEPRO and others. We carry out tests, inspections, audits, certification procedures and provide consultancy and representation services. CCIS-EXPERTISE is first and foremost the center of product expertise. The firm is characterised by a multidisciplinary collaboration of legal, technical, and regulatory experts.

CCIS-EXPERTISE's field of expertise now extends from consumer goods to industrial equipment. CCIS-EXPERTISE can meet the needs of all types of companies: be it small, medium and large businesses.

For more than 10 years, acting at the heart of a network of international experts (professionals involved in standardisation, auditors, coaches), partners (state services, chambers of commerce, international institutions, professional federations), accredited laboratories and professional organisations, the specialists of CCIS-EXPERTISE work to unite the actors and skills necessary to bring solutions.

Our motto: "Focus on expanding your business, CCIS-EXPERTISE takes care of the compliance of your products and manages the regulatory risks of your projects". For this, we provide the complete service of obtaining European and national certifications in different countries marking such as: CCC, KC, EAC, SASO, ECAS, G-MARK, CE, UkrSEPRO and others.


Logos for KC marking for South Korea, for CE for Europe, for EAC Russia and the Eurasian Union, for G-Mark, ECAS and SASO for the Middle East, for UkrSEPRO for Ukraine


Our service commitment

For CCIS-EXPERTISE, quality of service is a philosophy that is cultivated every day. We consider all our clients as partners with whom we strive to maintain a long-lasting relationship based on trust. Our ambition is to meet your needs and expectations, to contribute to your success and to provide you with individually tailored solutions, that’s why we offer explicit service commitment.

Pro-activ and available

No matter when, no matter where, we are available 24/7. Send us your request via our website and we will contact you within 24 hours.

A personalised customer ares for your use

Have access to all the essential certification and audit file documents at any time and share them with your expert team.

By your side during thr whole project

Because things don’t stop once you are certified, we will call or meet with you to announce the certification decision, get your feedback on the audit and the quality of our services, and discuss the next steps for your project.

Service on top of service 

The certification file often must be presented either in English or in the language of the country where the products are certified. We take full responsibility for the translation of technical documents (manuals, drawings, diagrams, safety data sheets, risk assessment, standards, etc.).

Trade globalization, energy transition, digitalization - we support stakeholders in meeting the major challenges of our time.



OnlineBy phone: +33 (0)1 47 20 15 62 from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (English and French).

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