Eurasian Union (ex Customs Union) : Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan

Certification and products compliance


Certification and products compliance

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Certification and products compliance

Eurasian Economic Union Exemption Letter

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Exemption Letter for Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan: main definitionsEurasian Economic Union

The Letter of Exemption is an explanatory document, an official response to a request for whether the products are subject to mandatory certification or declaration.

The exemption letter contains a reference to the regulations in force and indicates that the products specified in the document do not fall under the "List of goods and services subject to a mandatory conformity assessment".

When is an exemption letter required?

A letter of exemption may be required in several cases:

  • At the time of customs clearance: to be presented to the customs authorities upon delivery of products not subject to mandatory EAC certification or EAC declaration. This document mentions imported products, their HS code (TN VED) and gives a link to the dispatch documents with which the products are imported into the territory of the Eurasian Union.
  • On the local market: for trade on the territory of the Customs (Eurasian) Union Member States, for the participation in tenders, public procurement.

This letter is not an official clarification of the acts constituting the law of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Documents required to issue an exemption letter

To issue a letter of exemption, you will need the following documents, signed and stamped by the organization:

  • Official request;
  • Technical description of the products;
  • Product HS code;
  • A contract or delivery invoice.

Expiry date of the exemption letter

The letter of exemption is valid for the period of validity of the regulatory texts on the basis of which this letter was drawn up.

In some cases, a letter of exemption is issued with an indication of a specific validity period (usually 1 year).

Get an exemption letter for your product

The exemption letter is drawn up on an A4 sheet and is certified by the seal of the certification body that issued the document. The holder of the exemption letter is a legal entity only registered in the territory of the Eurasian Union (the applicant or EAEU Authorised Representative). An exemption letter can contain as many exempted products as you require.

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If you order an exemption letter, you will receive a copy by email as soon as our certification process is completed. You will also receive the original document and its certified copy by mail, a few days later.

Conditions and costs of exemption letters

The conditions and costs associated with obtaining an Exemption Letter depend on several factors, such as product classification, laboratory checks required, and the complexity of the verification. Thus, the exact conditions of conformity assessment are always determined individually on the basis of the documentation.

Requesting an exemption letter can take up to 5 business days.