Translation Project Management

Multilingual translation services may come in handy once your content needs to be presented in several languages and file formats, within a short period of time. Our technical expertise in Project Management makes it possible to run projects that combine different file and content formats, as well as various languages at the same time.

We translate all types of documents and formats

We translate documents in classic file formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), as well as technical files, for example, InDesign, .dwg, xml, etc.

Management of a translation project

For each project a dedicated project manager is chosen. For the client this creates a guarantee that their requirements are fully understood and that they have a unique contact point to support them in their translation requests.

The project manager puts in place project planning, defines the schedule and optimizes costs.

The main stages of translation project management are:

  1. Initial enquiry: identifying the scope, target audience, source, and target languages

  2. Analysis of the project details: deadlines, volume, etc.

  3. Resource management, team formation: the project manager selects one or more translators depending on their area of expertise

  4. Translation and revision (proofreading) phases

  5. Quality check and delivery

We pay special attention to identifying the degree of difficulty of the project and challenges associated with it, as each project is unique.

How do you benefit from translation project management?

By dedicating your translation project to a CCIS-EXPERTISE project manager you gain:

  1. Efficiency

  2. Quality

  3. Delivery on-time