Who is an Authorised Representative in EAEU?

Most products sold on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (hereinafter - EAEU), e.g. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan and Armenia are subject to conformity evaluation with the corresponding technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (ex-Customs Union). According to the procedure these products also need to obtain EAC certification and be marked with an EAC conformity mark (EAC stands for Eurasian Conformity).

Eurasian Economic Union technical regulations set out a requirement where only a company established in the EAEU territory may apply for EAC certification or registration of an EAC declaration of conformity.

Companies outside the EAEU, for example situated in the European Economic Area or in China, are not allowed to directly register their own products or to affix an EAC Conformity mark to them.

The reason for this is for the regulatory authorities to have a local point of contact should they establish violations of quality and safety standards instead of looking for a contact abroad with the foreign companies.

The solution to this is to use the services of an authorised representative in the Eurasian Economic Union also known as the applicant.

According to the Protocol on Technical Regulation in the Eurasian Economic Union (Appendix No. 9 to the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union):

An Authorised Representative (Applicant) - a legal or natural person duly registered by a member state of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) who represents the (foreign) manufacturer on the basis of a contract in the conformity assessment and placing products on the common customs territory of the EAEU and for the manufacturer to take responsibility for compliance with Union quality and safety standards.

According to the "Agreement on the coordinated policy of technical regulation, sanitation and phytosanitary measures" adopted by the Governments of the States of the Eurasian Economic Community on 25 January 2008, the authorised representative must comply with the following requirements:

  • The authorised representative must be registered in one of the member states of the EAEU.

  • A contract of representation must be concluded between the manufacturer and the authorised representative for the implementation of the EAC certification or the EAC declaration.

  • An authorised representative undertakes responsibility for the compliance of the goods with the quality and safety standards.

  • The transfer of manufacturer's rights to the authorised representative shall be based on a written contract with a clear reference to the rights and limitations of the authorised representative.

CCIS-EXPERTISE has a branch office in Russia and thus has the right to act as an authorised representative for foreign companies during the EAC conformity assessment procedures.

Tasks of the EAEU authorised representative

The most important task of the authorised representative is to represent the foreign manufacturer before the supervisory and controlling authorities of the Eurasian Economic Union with regards to the safety and quality of products and their compliance with technical regulations.

This means that the authorised representative must be available at the address indicated on the EAC certificate/declaration of conformity and can be reached by the contact details (phone number, e-mail address). Secondly, the authorised representative keeps the technical certification file documents submitted during the conformity assessment process and shall be able to present them for control at a short notice.

The tasks of the authorised representative include:

  • applying for EAC certificate of conformity/ registering the EAC declaration of conformity on behalf of the manufacturer

  • keeping all technical documentation (technical documentation, test reports and expert opinions, labels/nameplates mock-ups, etc.) available for inspection by the Eurasian Authorities

  • acting as contact point for the regulatory and supervisory authorities in case there are inquiries regarding safety, quality of the products

  • incident reporting

  • keeping the manufacturer updated with regards to changes in the technical regulations/legislation relevant to the products

  • withdrawal of the products from the market by decision of the supervisory authorities or of the manufacturer

Following the entry into force of a new legislation, since 1st January 2021, all EAC declarations of conformity are registered in Russia only by the authorised representative. The registration takes place via a dedicated service of RusAccreditation with a help of an electronic signature that the authorised representative must obtain, then set up a special software and undergo a training as to the registration procedure.

According to Article 36 of the Federal Law № 184 of the Russian Federation "On technical regulation" the authorised representative also bears responsibility for the non-compliance of products with the requirements of technical regulations and can face civil and criminal charges for the damage to life, health, property or the environment. For more information about authorised representative's liabilities click here.

Power of attorney for import in the EAEU

CCIS-EXPERTISE is an independent party that does not compete with distributors or importers. Being the owner of EAC Certificate(s) of Conformity or EAC Declaration(s) of Conformity we can grant your customers and distributors with a Power of Attorney that empowers them to use the EAC documents. Registering EAC documents with the help of a “neutral” authorised representative helps you centralize and manage your registrations and reduce significantly the certification costs.

Be reminded that before entering the EAEU market it is vital that you select a reliable authorised representative. Once chosen you will be bound with this entity not only for the EAC registration process, but also when your goods are already in circulation in the EAEU territory.

CCIS-EXPERTISE as your Authorised Representative in EAEU

CCIS-EXPERTISE provides an authorised representative service on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

We guarantee:

  • Quality advice and support throughout the process thanks to our 10+ years of experience in conformity assessment procedures worldwide.

  • Confidentiality of the information, technical or other, transferred to us.

  • Prompt and effective communication with competent authorities.

  • Optimization of conformity assessment processes thanks to our vast network of partners/notified laboratories

How much does the service of an EAEU Authorised Representative cost

The cost of an EAEU Authorised Representative service is calculated on a case-by-case basis and depends on the risk evaluation relating to the product.