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Exemption Letter Ukraine: main definitions

Entry of products subject to mandatory certification in the territory of Ukraine is regulated by Governmental Decree No. 446 issued on May 14, 2008 No. 1211 which replaced the Governmental DecreeNo. 1211 issued on November 04, 1997.
UkrSEPRO is the national certification system including 149 certification bodies and 811 authorized test centers. It ensures the quality and safety ofproducts and services and the stability of production according to theUkrainian regulatory standards: GOST, Technical Conditions, etc. .
As an assurance of imported products quality Ukrainian buyers require sellers to provide mandatory certificate UkrSEPRO. Besides, the terms of payment are often rigidly linked to the presentation of the certificate UkrSEPRO, without preliminary check if the product is subject to compulsory certification in Ukraine. In case if obtaining certification UkrSEPRO is not authorized by the Ukrainian legislation, the absence of the certificate UkrSEPRO could cause unexpected changes of trade schedule.
To overcome these inappropriate effects, official notification from approved experts can be obtained before the export. This notice is materialized in exemption letter.
Thus the exemption letter is an official document which states that the product is not subject to mandatory certification in Ukraine.

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Scope and relevant products

Any product intended forUkraine can be concerned, these are essentially:
  • the items whose belonging to the list ofproducts subject to compulsory certification (according to the Decree of GosPotrebStandart of Ukraine No. 28 issued on February 01, 2005) must be verified.
  • products whose identification according to Ukrainian standards is ambiguous.

Exemption letter UkrainePlacing on the market

In order to prove that your products do not require mandatory compliance audit, it is recommended to the manufacturer or its agent to obtainanexemption letter attesting to that fact.

How to get it and applicable procedures

The official request to the Ukrainian authorized certification body must be accompanied by the following:
  • copy of thedelivery contract in ukraine
  • list of product
  • description of products

Our solutions:

  • advice on the identification of your products according to the ukrainian criteria
  • compiling the application of theexemption letter
  • obtaining the exemption letter

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Other additional certifications or registrations may be required for consumer goods or equipment. Sometimes,obtaining them isprior to Certification of Conformity UkrSEPRO: the certification of Hygiene, for example.

Statutory reference:

  • Governmental Decree N 446 issued on May 14, 2008 N 1211 about customs clearance of goods in Ukraine
  • Governmental Decree N 1211 issued on November 04, 1997 about customs clearance of goods in Ukraine
  • Decree of GosPotreb Standart of Ukraine No. 28 issued on February 01, 2005 about "the approval of the single list of products subject to compulsory certification of compliance"