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Certificate of Conformity GOST B: main definitions

Mandatory certification ofproducts in Belarus has been imposed by the Directive of Cabinet of Ministers No. 635, issued on September 22, 1993.
In order to make the country moreattractive to investors, to give the details about the area as well as the practice of application for this law, to harmonize the system of compliance verification with international rules as well as to align with other legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus, the new wording of law No.269-3 issued on January 05, 2004 entered into force on July 14, 2011 by the law of the Republic of Belarus No.228-3 issued on December 31, 2010 about amendments to some laws on the verification of compliance with regulatory requirements in the field of technical standards and standardization.
The Certificate of Conformity GOST B certifies that products are in line with the requirements of Belarusian applicable standards.

Since its accession to the Customs Union the local norms ceased to apply. They are in the phase of transition to Technical Regulations.

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Scope and relevant products

Belarusian Customs regulations No. 204-3 issued on January 04, 2007 foresees the presentation of compliance proof at the time of customs clearance of goods subject to verification of compliance.
The system GOST B applies to several types of goods for the Belarusian market, regardless their origin. The certificate of compliance exists in two forms: Certificate of Conformity and Declaration of Conformity.

Mandatory certification is required for the following products:

  • household electric appliances
  • electronic and radio devices
  • watches
  • games
  • some lights
  • solid, liquid and gas fuel appliances for domestic use
  • media
  • some electrical equipment
  • calculating devices
  • some exproof facilities
  • equipment for the road sector
  • vehicles
  • some components and spares for vehicles
  • agricultural machinery and equipment
  • boats
  • weapons and similar products
  • furniture
  • matches
  • products for construction
  • certain textile products
  • some cosmetics
  • some oral hygiene products
  • certain foodstuffs

The mandatory Declaration of Conformity is required for the following products:

  • some exproof facilities
  • some components and spares for vehicles
  • glass packaging
  • certain textile products
  • some oral hygiene products
  • laundry products
  • some cosmetics
  • certain foodstuffs
  • pet food
  • protein food supplements for animals
  • equipment for agricultural machinery
  • some lights
  • products made of precious metals
  • materials for finishing trains
  • personal protective equipment
  • petrochemicals
  • sanitary technical products
  • some electrical equipment

ALT rtificate of Conformity GOST B ByelorussiaPlacing on the market 

Prior to place products/ equipment on the market, the manufacturer or its agent shall:

  • meet the essential healthand safety requirements (of local applicable standards)
  • implement the procedures for conformity assessment
  • obtain the certificate or declaration of conformity GOST B

Certificate of conformity GOST B

How to get it and applicable procedures

The rules and procedures applicable to each type of productsare described in legal acts of the Republic of Belarus. The last directive of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 977 issued on June 20, 2011 concerning the changes in the procedures for verification of product compliance with the requirements of Belarus.

The process is generally composed of the following steps:

  • expertise of technical administrative record
  • validation of specifications
  • product testing
  • audit of the manufacturing site
  • mark development for the belarusian market
  • review and compliance of manufacturingor associated documents
Depending on the frequency of transmission and many other exporters’ criteria, the different certification schemes provide suitable procedures for the single deliveryof a unique product, a batch of goods or the mass production.
Certification "per shipment" is issued on the basis of a supply contractor if the products can be clearly identified (by equipment serial numbers for example).
The regular activity of Belarusian exporters justifies the establishment of certification for a wide range of homogeneous products. The duration of the certification called "annual" can be up to and 3 years and is defined in terms of stability of manufacturing certified products.

The conformity marking

The mark of conformity (see below) must be placed visibly on the products and/or the documents accompanying the products covered by the declaration of conformity.

Our solutions :

  • advice on compilation of conformity assessment files
  • specifications compliance
  • assistance during the auditof manufacturing site
  • assistance during regulatorytesting
  • controlof certified sites
  • obtaining certificates / declarations GOST B

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Other additional certifications or registrations may be required for consumer products or equipment. Sometimes,obtaining them is prior to Certification of Conformity GOST B:
Metrologic Certification;

Statutory reference:

  • Directive of the Cabinet of MinistersNo. 635 issued on September 09, 1993 on the mandatory certification of products, works and services in Belarus
  • Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 228-3 issued on December 31, 2010 on amendments to some laws about the verification of compliance with regulatory requirements in the field of technical standards and standardization
  • Law of the Republicof Belarus No. 269-3 issued on January 05, 2004 about compliance with regulatory requirementsin the field of technical standards and standardization
  • Belarus Customs Regulation No. 204-3 issued on January 04, 2007
  • The list of products subject to mandatory certification Decree No. 46 issued on July 14, 2011 in the Republic of Belarus: the list of products subject to mandatory certification