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Technical Regulations CU TR

History and main definitions

The main regulatory document certifying the safe operation of equipment in hazardous locations is the RTN Permit. Currently its issue is regulated by Decree No.112 of RTN issued on February 29, 2008. Paragraph No. 28 of this Decree mentions the technical passport as a constituentof the file to obtain the RTN Permit. The technical passport must be prepared in accordance with requirements of the Safety Rules for each type of equipment.

The technical passport is a customized document supplied with each equipment unit when it leaves the factory and accompanies equipment for the duration of operation until the end of service on the industrial site. 

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Scope and relevant products

The technical passport is related to the equipment for hazardous industrial sites whose definition depending on their activity is given in Annex1of the Federal Law No.116-FZ issued on July 21,1997:
  • obtaining, use, processing, training, storage, transportation, disposal of hazardous materials such as:

flammable gases, fuels, explosives, toxic to living organisms, toxic to the environment

  • use of pressure equipment>0.07MPa or temperatures > 115 ° C
  • use of lifting equipment
  • obtaining molten metals and alloys derivatives
  • mining worksandore benefication

Market Launch

To bring products / equipment to market, the manufacturer or his authorized agent must:
  • prepare the technical passport in accordance with RTN requirements
  • meet the requirements of the national industrial safety
  • apply the procedures for assessing the operating safety
  • get the satisfactory industry expertise report andthe RTN Permitand ensure that itis enclosed to products
  • The presentation of a duly filled-in technical passportis required on the Russian site. The Passport must be registered with local authorities RTN during the proceedings of the request for authorization to placing on the market. It is essential for monitoring equipment during regular and regulatory check of the site.

How to get it and applicable procedures

Being customized document supplied with each equipment unit when leaving the factory that accompanies the equipment during its life cycle until the end of service on the industrial site, the technical passport must contain all information related to design, manufacturing, placing on the market, maintenance and control of equipment operation.
Generally, compiling of technical passportruns parallel with the Industrial Safety Expertise based on the same documents, namely:
  • administrative information on the equipment manufacturer and supplier
  • information folder
  • program and methods for testing equipment
  • test protocols
  • act of corrective actions (if necessary)
  • conditions and requirements of operational safety
  • technical maintenance procedures, troubleshooting and diagnostics  
It is important to follow the correct frame in the preparation of Passport. In order to simplify the reading and use of bilingual version (Russian / English) is suggested for equipment of foreign origin. 

Our solutions:

  • compiling Technical Passports for all types of equipment (pressure equipment <0.7bar; pressure equipment >0.7bar, compressors, pumps, valves, piping, electrical equipment, etc..)
  • compiling pre-filled passports model;
  • verification of calculation notes
  • supervision of welding procedures
  • support for acceptance tests
  • program and testing methods compliance
  • development of conditions and operational safety requirements
  • formatting the information folder

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Compulsory certifications or registrations must be obtained prior to the drafting of Technical Passport: 

Statutory reference:

Copies of these certificates / records are to be enclosed to the Passport.