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Technical Regulations CU TR

History and main definitions

For the first time the Declaration of Conformity GOST R was mentioned in the Decree issued by the Government of the Russian Federation N°766 on July 07, 1999. Later, shortly after the promulgation of the Federal Law N° 184-FZ issued on December 27, 2002 about « Technical regulations» the Rostekhregulation (currently Rosstandart) released a new list of products subject to mandatory compliance test. This list has differentiated products whose conformity must be certified through the Certification and the Declaration.

The Declaration of Conformity GOST R must be registered in the Certification Center accredited in the system GOST R according to the evidence of compliance given by the applicant. Obtaining the Declaration of Conformity is allowed only to legal entities registered in the Russian territory (distributors, importers or official representatives of foreign manufacturers). Furthermore, each importer must have his own Declaration of Conformity issued in his name.

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Scope and relevant products

Declaration GOST R is applied to products listed in the Decree N° 982 issued on December 01, 2009 by the Government of the Russian Federation about «approval of the single list of products subject to mandatory compliance test» and Newsletter of Rosstandart 101-32/3615 issued on April 29, 2011 about « the last update of the list of products subject to mandatory compliance test (certification and declaration) as well as relevant Russian standards »
Products subject to the Declaration of Conformity are almost as numerous as products which require Certificate of Conformity.
These are:
  • household goods and plastic containers
  • chemical fertilizers
  • control and diagnostic devices
  • textiles and similar products except goods for children
  • perfumes, cosmetics
  • paints and varnish
  • screws with inside diameter less than 12 mm
  • food except infant food
  • electric motor with power less than 1kw
  • batteries and rechargeable batteries
  • cutting tools
  • printing equipment
  • navigation equipment
  • etc.

Declaration of Conformity GOST RMarket Launch

The applicant can only be the registered entity in the Russian territory. However, the foreign manufacturer can make the declaration of conformity GOST R. It will be issued in the name of the importer whom he has a purchase contract with.
Before launching on the market the manufacturer or his agent shall :
  • meet the essential health and safety requirements (GOST or GOST R standards)
  • provide the technical file
  • provide the instructions
  • implement the procedures for conformity assessment
  • obtain the declaration GOST R and ensure that it will be enclosed to the products
  • stick a mark GOST R
According to « the Certification rules » established by Rosstandart for each type of products, to obtain the declaration GOST R you should follow well-determined certification plan.
They can include one or more steps :
  • expertise of technical administrative record
  • specification approval
  • product testing
  • audit of the manufacturing site
  • obtaining certificates and/or complementary and preliminary records
  • translation into Russian
  • development of marks for the Russian market
  • review and compliance of manufacturing and relevant documents

The duration of the Declaration of Conformity GOST R  

Type of certificate
Time of receipt
Time of working out certification file
By exporter (standard procedure)
By us (accelerated procedure)
Declaration of conformity GOST R
Valid for one entry : a single shipment of a product or a batch of products
5 business days*
1-2 months
10 business days
Declaration of conformity GOST R
Valid for 3 years : for mass production
25 business days*
1-2 months
10 business days

Conformity assessment procedure

The following items are required when working out the registration file for the Declaration of Conformity by the authorized agency GOST R
  • test records made in accredited laboratory
  • voluntary Certificate of conformity GOST R issued in the manufacturer’s name
  • copy of Health expert report or the Product Registration Certificate issued by accredited organization in the Customs Union as well as other certificates and/or preliminary compulsory registration (depending on product type)
  • declaration of products Conformity to EC standards
  • legalized free trade certificate (if applicable, depending on product type)
  • Technical description of products
  • copy of ISO Certificate or other obtained quality certificates
  • copy of marks in Russian as well as instruction manuals for each product
  • formal request for declaration (prescribed form)
  • applicant’s proof of legal right to operate in the Russian territory (Russian INN code)
  • copy of the contract or sales invoice
  • manufacturer‘s attorney authorizing the Russian company to declare the product conformity for the Russian market
If the foreign manufacturer works with several Russian distributors the procedure for obtaining the Declaration of conformity may be optimized and certification procedure can have two steps: issuing a voluntary certificate GOST R in the manufacturer’s name for all products and obtaining the Declaration of conformity for each applicant. This step allows to the manufacturer to reduce compliance costs of these products and to control the compliance procedure.    

Declaration of conformity GOST R

Mark of Conformity GOST RConformity Marking GOST

The appropriate conformity mark GOST (see below) must be placed visibly on the products and/or documents accompanying the products which are covered by the declaration of conformity.  

Our solutions :

  • receipt of mandatory and voluntary certificates GOST R
  • advice on products identification, working out the certification file and products marking ;
  • organization and support during audit of manufacturing site
  • products testing and analyses
  • specification design and implementation of voluntary certification
  • customized regulatory monitoring carried out according to your regulatory framework established with our consultant

Auxilary Service :

  • sector regluatory monitoring
  • regulatory monitoring which ensures continued compliance of your products. For example : prospective analysis of mass production
  • provision of statutory instruments applicable to your products translated and commented by our experts.


Other additional certifications or registrations may be required for consumer goods or equipment.
Sometimes their receipt is prior to the Declaration of conformity GOST R :

Statutory reference :