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EAC - Eurasian Conformity

Technical Regulations CU TR

History and main definitions

According to the Federal Law N 69-FZ issued on December 21, 1994 about Fire Safety Certification must be performed by an authorized body in the Ministry of Interior of Russia.

In 2002, the Federal Law No. 184-FZ about "technical regulation"announced the beginning of significant changes in the system of products compliance check in Russia. The concept of this new approach consists in the developmentof general and specific Technical Regulations (TR). Within the TR, Russian standards are no longer mandatory and there is a larger range of evidence to consider when checking products compliance.

The Technical Regulations No. 123-FZ issued on June 22, 2008 about the requirements of the Fire Safety Certificate came into force on August 01, 2009.

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Scope and relevant products

Coordination of standardization and certification activities is governed bythe Ministry of Emergency Situations (MChS) of Russia. According to the Decree No. 241 issued by the Russian Government on March 17, 2009 as amended, Decree No. 140 issued on March 17, 2010, the products subject to mandatory compliance check at the entrance to the territory of Russia are divided into four groups:
1. means to provide fire safety such as:
  • fire extinguishers
  • inlet pipes for extinguishing agents
  • personal protective equipment
  • protective clothing for fire-fighters
  • escape and rescue facilities
  • fire-fighting equipment
  • equipment for control and management
  • extinguishing agents
  • fire-fighting vehicles
2. Devices and electrical equipment such as:
  • cables
  • circuit breakers
3.building and finishing materials
4. equipment and structures such as
  • fire valves
  • smoke extractors
  • elevator doors, windows,fire doors
  • columns in building for technical use 

Fire Safety Certificate RussiaMarket Launch

Before placing on the market, the manufacturer or its agent shall:
  • meet the TR requirements No. 123-FZ issued on June 22, 2008 about Fire Safety Requirements.
  • provide the technical file
  • provide the instructions
  • provide thes amples for tests in accredited laboratories
  • implement the procedures for conformity assessment
  • obtain the Certificate or Declaration of TR Conformity and ensure that it is enclosed to products
  • put a TR mark

Conformity assessment procedure

Proof of Compliance with the TR requirements (certificate or declaration) is required upon entry of products on the Russian market, namely, at the moment of customs clearance in Russia and later for marketing and direct or indirect sale in the country.
Certification schemes specific to each type of productare described in paragraph No. 146 of the Technical Regulations No.123-FZ issued on June 22, 2008 about Fire Safety Requirements. The certification process includes:
  • expertise of technical and administrative file
  • validation of specifications
  • product testing
  • audit of the manufacturing site
  • translation into Russian
  • mark development for the Russian market
  • review and compliance of the manufacturing or associated documents
  • etc.
The different patterns of compliance monitoring provide procedures tailored to export conditions and internal organization of the exporter:
  • a batch ofgoods
  • mass production.

The duration and receipt of the certificates:

Type of certificate
Time of receipt
Time of working out certification file
By exporter (standard procedure)
By us (accelerated procedure)
Mandatory Certificate of conformity TR
Valid for one entry : a single shipment of a product or a batch of products
5 business days*
1-2 months
10 business days
Mandatory Certificate of conformity TR
Valid 5 years for mass production
25 business days*
1-2 months
10 business days

Fire safety certificate

Conformity Marking TR

Conformity marking "TR" consists of an acronym. It means that the machineis certified compliant with the essential health and safety requirements of the Technical Regulations. It provides access to the free movement of the machine in the whole territory of the Russian Federation
Compliance TR logo is also to be fixed visibly on the products and / or the accompanying documents.
Four variants of the TR logo are presented below:

Conformity mark TR Russia

Our solutions : 

  • obtaining the certification to meet the requirementsof the Technical Regulations No. 123-FZ issued on June 22, 2008 about Fire Safety Requirements
  • review and conformity with TR requirements to specifications
  • assistance in auditing the manufacturing site

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Other additional certifications or registrations may be required for certain products or equipment such as:

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