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EAC - Eurasian Conformity

Technical Regulations CU TR

History and main definitions

Since 1992, Law No. 2300-1of the Russian Federation about "consumer protection in terms of health, safety and environment" requires mandatory certification of compliance with Russian standards for most of products.
GOST R is the first certificate of conformity in Russia, with a wide range of use from a consumer who needs information about the products he purchases, through all outlets which must be sure of quality of their goods, to the official register Gosstandart (currently Rosstandart) of issued certificates which are important in the fight against fraud. Specific requirements are imposed on electrical equipment designed for use in explosive atmospheres. They focus on operational safety and means of the technical device to provide the protection of equipment against explosion.

The Explosion-Proof Certificate certifies that your products are in line with the requirements of Russian standards applicable to the electricalequipmentfor industrial sectors at risk of explosion during the operation.

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Scope and relevant products

In the contrary to the European Directive, the Explosion-Proof Certificate affects only electrical equipment. It is listed in the Decree No.982 issued on December 01, 2009 by the Government of the Russian Federation about "the approvalof the single listof products subject to mandatory compliance" and in the Newsletter of the Rosstandart 101-32/3615 issued on April 29, 2011 about "the last update of the list of products subject to mandatory compliance (certification and declaration) as well as relevant Russian standards. "Only the equipment which is already certified ATEX can benefit from the Explosion-Proof Certification.

Explosion-Proof Certificate RussiaMarket Launch

Prior to market products / equipment, the manufacturer or its agent shall:
  • meet the essentialhealth and safety requirements (GOST or GOST R standards)
  • apply the procedures for conformity assessment
  • obtain the explosion-proof certificate GOST R and ensure that it is enclosed to products
  • put the Marking of Conformity GOST R
In practice the original explosion-proof certificate GOST R or its conformed copy are required at the entrance products to the Russian market, namely, at the moment of customs clearance in Russia and subsequently, for marketing campaigns and direct or indirect sales in the country.

Conformity assessment procedure

 In accordance with the "Certification Rules" established by the Gosstandart (currently Rosstandart) for explosion-proof equipment, obtaining certification is carried out according to well defined certification schemes and usually consists of:
  • expertise of technical and administrative file including protocols integrating ATEX classification test for certified equipment and its main components
  • tests according to Russian requirements
  • audit of the manufacturing site
  • Russian labelling for the certified equipment and its main components
  • compliance of the information folder including translation into Russian

The duration and receipt of the certificates:

Type of certificate
Time of receipt
Time of working out certification file
By exporter (standard procedure)
By us (accelerated procedure)
Explosion-Proof Certificate
Valid for one entry : a single shipment of a product or a batch of products
25 business days*
1-2 months
10 business days
Explosion-Proof Certificate
Valid 3 years for mass production
50 business days*
1-2 months
10 business days

Explosion-Proof Certificate

Conformity mark Explosion-Proof certificate RussiaConformity Marking GOST R

According to Law No. 2300-1 issued on February 07,1992 about "the consumer protection in terms of health, safety and environment", the specific labelling according to Russian classification is required for the equipment covered by this type of certification. The Conformity Marking GOST R indicating the references of the certification body shal lbe put visibly on the electrical equipment and / or the accompanying documents. Below there are two variations of the mandatory label of conformity GOST R.            


Explosion-Proof Certificate is a prerequisite for obtaining the RTN Permit.

Our solutions:

  • obtaining the Explosion-Proof Certificate 
  • assistance during the audit of the manufacturing site
  • assistance in regulatory tests
  • customized regulatory monitoring performed according to your regulatory standard(s) set with our consultant

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