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EAC - Eurasian Conformity

Technical Regulations CU TR

History and main definitions

The metrological control and supervision in Russiais governed by federal laws about the consistency of measurements No.4871-1 issued on April 23, 1993 and No.102-FZ issued on January 01, 2009.

The Metrologic Certificate of Conformity (Pattern Approval Certificate) certifies that a measuring device fulfils the Russian metrological requirements and its use is permitted in the territory of Russia.

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Scope and relevant products

All measuring devices regardless their area of use must have the Pattern Approval Certificate.
The main areas of use are:
  • health, veterinary medicine, environmental protection, labour safety;
  • operations and trade agreements, including automated acts;
  • federal accounting;
  • federal defence;
  • geodeticand hydro meteorological activities;
  • banking, taxation, customs and postal operations; 
In addition, as a part of:
  • product manufacturing on federal request;
  • testing and quality controlof product compliance assessment with Russian standards;
  • mandatory certification of products and services;
  • measurements by request of the court, the public prosecution, the arbitral tribunal, the Russian federal authorities;
  • registration of national and international sporting performance.
Also at the regional level, other sectors may be affected by the Pattern Approval Certificate.

Pattern Approval Certificate RussiaMarket Launch

Given the specificity of the products, the presentation of Pattern Approval Certificate is not required by the Russian customs. Its presence is required at the moment of placing on the market for measuring devices on the Russian site. There is also a prerequisite for obtaining the RTN Permit for placing industrial equipment on the market, according top. 28.2 of " Administrative Regulations of RTN (Rostekhnadzor)" issued on March 19, 2008 concerning the list of documents constituting the file for obtaining the RTN Permit to use the equipment in the Russian territory, and p.5 of  "Rules for use of technical devices at hazardous industrial sites" issued on February 01, 2005.

Prior to marketing products / equipment, the manufacturer shall:
  • meet the essential health requirements and
  • apply the procedures for conformity assessment
  • register its measuring devices in the Russian house of measurements
  • obtain the metrological certificate and ensure that it is enclosed to the measuring devices

Conformity assessment procedure

 The certification file shall include the following:
  • technical description of the measuring device, namely, the measured values, the principle, range and accuracy;
  • manufacturer’s method of calibration
Satisfactory results of statutory tests performed on are presentative sample and the calibration method developed in accordance with Russian requirements allow the House of measurements of Rosstandart to record it in the Federal Register of measuring instruments. Pattern Approval Certificateis issued as an approval of the device use in the territory of Russia.

The duration and receipt of the certificates:

Type of certificate
Time of receipt
Time of working out certification file
By exporter (standard procedure)
By us (accelerated procedure)
Pattern Approval Certificate
Valid for one entry: a single shipment of a product or a batch of products
30 business days*
1-2 months
10 business days
Pattern Approval Certificate
Valid for 3 years for mass production
60 business days*
1-2 months
10 business days

Metrologic Certificate

Our solutions:
  • advice on the choice of measuring equipment including measuring equipment that has already been previously certified for the Russian market;
  • realization of voluntary metrological expertise to obtain the conclusion about the need to perform the metrological certification based on the role of a device (devices) in the technological process
  • obtaining the metrological certificate
  • review and compliance of the technical file
  • assistance in regulatory tests

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As a prerequisite for obtaining the RTN Permit for placing the industrial equipment on the market.
Generally the Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments does not depend on other certifications or registrations.

Statutory reference:

  • Federal Law about the consistency of measurements No. 4871-1 issued on April 23, 1993
  •  Download " the federal law about the consistency of measurements No. 102-FZ issued on January 01, 2009" in Russian
  • P. 28.2 of "Administrative Regulations of RTN (Rostekhnadzor)" issued on March 19, 2008 related to the list o fdocuments constituting the file to obtain the RTN Permit for use of equipment on the Russian territory
  • Federal Law No. 102-FZ issued on January 01, 2009 about "Consistency of measurements"
  • P.5 of "Rules for use of technical devices at the hazardous industrial sites" issued on February 01, 2005