By the decree of the Russian government No. 472 of May 27, 2016 the following foreign foodstuffs are excluded from the embargo list: grass-flesh and white meat, meat products, vegetables (raw or boiled, frozen or dried) intended for the production of food for children. The import of such products is going to be under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture (Minselkhoz), which would confirm the products’ scope of application. The volume and procedures for imports are also going to be stipulated by this authority.

In this respect, the Russian government assigned Minselkhoz with the elaboration and confirmation of the procedure of evaluation for the imported products intended for the production of children food. The volume of imports will be defined during the process of import.


The Russian embargo on foreign foodstuffs came into force in August, 2014 and concerns goods produced in the United States, Europe, Australia, Norway and Canada. In 2015 the embargo was prolonged until August 5, 2016. Starting from August 13, 2015 the list was extended: products from Albania, Montenegro, Iceland, and Lichtenstein were added. The latest amendments to the list were made on January 01, 2016 about foodstuffs produced in Ukraine.

The embargo covers meat and meat products, fish and fish products, milk and dairy products, vegetables and fruits. At present, the Russian government is preparing the documents to extend the embargo till the end of 2017.