Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Council Decision No. 199 of 20 December 2022, which approved the amendments to Customs Union Commission Decision No. 319 of 18 June 2010 on the technical regulations of the Customs Union, was officially published on 23 December 2022. The document is entitled "Technical Regulations in the Customs Union". The document came into force on 22 January 2023, except for certain provisions.

The unified forms of the certificate and declaration of conformity are supplemented by a new field - a QR code. The code will be indicated if the national part of the unified register of issued certificates and registered declarations of conformity provides for the formation of a QR code.

NB: Certificates and declarations of conformity for products included in the unified list of products subject to mandatory conformity assessment with issuance of permits in the form approved by the Customs Union Commission № 620 on 7 April 2011, issued before the entry into force of the decision, shall be valid until their expiry date.

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