On 18 April 2023 the amendments to the Technical Regulation CU TR 009/2011 "Safety of perfumes and cosmetics" entered into force (Decision of the EEC Council No.64 dated 15 April 2022).

Since 18 April, 296 additional items have been included in the list of substances prohibited for use in perfumes and cosmetics.

The new version also contains lists of permitted preservatives; substances that are allowed to be used under restrictions.

Declarations of conformity for cosmetic products issued before 18 April 2023 are valid until the expiry of the indicated period.

State registration certificates (from Russian - Svidetelstvo o Gosudarstvennoi registratsii (SGR)) issued before 5 May 2020 are valid until 5 May 2023. SGRs issued between 5 May 2020 and 18 April 2023 remain valid until 17 April 2026.