On 5 May 2023 ended the validity of state registration certificates issued before 5 May 2020 including according to the requirements of CU TR 009/2011 "On the safety of perfumes and cosmetics". This means that to sell products subject to the state registration from 6 May 2023, a new certificate will have to be issued.
Indeed, on 6 May 2020, the amendments to CU TR 009/2011, introduced by EEC Council Decision No. 32 of 29 March 2019, came into force. However, the state registration certificates for cosmetic products, which were affected by the amendments to the technical regulation, remained valid for another three years (EEC Council Decision No. 112 of 9 July 2019).

According to the requirements of CU TR 009/2011, state registration certificates are issued for cosmetics that can cause the greatest harm to health of consumers if the requirements are not met. This applies, for example, to products like

  • baby cosmetics;

  • peels;

  • hair removal products;

  • intimate hygiene cosmetics.