New amendments will concern equipment meant for processing alimentary products and destined for public catering: office canteens, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.

Annex No. 3 of the Technical Regulation CU TR 010/2011 contains two lists of equipment: those subject to declaration of conformity and others subject to the certification. The new modifications concern defining the equipment, which helps processing foodstuffs, as goods subject to the procedure of obtaining the Declaration.

In other words, equipment destined for food transformation will be divided into two groups:

  • equipment of mechanical processing of foodstuffs and
  • equipment of thermal processing of foodstuffs

It should be reminded that the Technical Regulation CU TR 010/2011 on safety of machinery and equipment adopted in the framework of the Customs Union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan by Decree No. 823 of October 10, 2011 of the Commission of the Customs Union came into force on February 15, 2013. All the equipment enumerated in the list of the Annex No. 3 of this Regulation have to undergo the procedure of conformity assessment and obtain either certificates or declarations before from their launch on the market. To find out more about CU TR 010/2011 please click here.