On July 18th, 2016 the official publication and coming into force of the amendments concerning the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union on the safety of textile goods (CU TR 017/2011) took place. The revision of the document was necessary due to its implementation. The amendments concern the contents and technical aspects in the first place. 

Main amendments to the CU TR 017/2011

  1. Simplification of the procedure of conformity assessment of certain consumer goods. It means that the Applicant will have the possibility of using test protocols for materials and components, which were used during the production of goods, to prove safety of final goods.

  2. The form of conformity assessment for certain products will be changed. Thus products as 

    - table and kitchen linen,
    - handkerchiefs,
    - bath towels and sheets,
    - neck pieces and scarfs

     will be subject to declaration of conformity according to schemes 3d, 4d or 6d.

    Certification will be mandatory for underwear, corsets and swimsuits.

  3. The tests of samples. The migratory control of pollutants of the samples of carpets, felt, non-weaved materials and final products made of these materials can be carried out in the airy and watery environments. The migratory control of pollutants of house, summer and beach footwear - from its internal surface.

    Some particular requirements for biological or chemical safety of textiles, products and clothes made of textiles will be eliminated.

  4. There have also been amendments to standards concerning the materials of polyvinylchlorure and the polyurethane regarding the contents of cadmium, zinc and others. 

    All conformity documents (certificates, declarations and State registration certificates) emitted before the current coming into force of the amendments are valid and do not require any revisions.

    The Technical Regulation of the Customs Union on the safety of the light industry products/textile goods (CU TR 017/2011) adopted within the framework of the Customs Union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan by the Decree No. 876 of December 9, 2011 of the Commission of the Customs Union came into force on July 01, 2012.

    The text of the Regulation CU TR 017/2011 in English commented by the experts of CCIS-EXPERTISE is available in our e-shop.