On July 21, 2015 the draft list of products which would be subject to obtaining a Declaration/Certificat of Conformity according to 031/2012 was submitted for public discussion. It touches upon items crossing the border with relevant documents according to the requirements of the Technical Regulation CU ТR 031/2012 on safety of agricultural and forestry tractors and their trailers. The final list is going to be confirmed by the Eurasian Economic Commission.

Tractors to be included in the list

It is important to mention that the future list will include only tractors with the maximum speed not less than 6 km/hour, i.e. wheel tractors and crawlers. The same applies to trailers. As to tractor components, the conformity certificate will be required for the following parts:
  • lighting and light-signal devices (back lights, lights of reverse motion, brake signals, turn indicators, far-reaching headlight, dimmers, antifog lights, back antifog lights, parking lights, fixtures for illumination of back license plate);
  • light reflecting devices;
  • back mirrors;
  • audio signalling devices;
  • glasses;
  • seatbelts;
  • speed limiting devices;
  • speedometers;
  • mechanical tractive-coupling devices;
  • tires;
  • engines;
  • seats;
  • cabins.
The requirements of CU TR 031/2012 (art. 2, para. 1) do not apply to single tractors and trailers produced individually, being a result of a creative process or to tractors with trailers which were manufactured and put into circulation until February 15, 2015 (the date of coming into force of the regulation), as well as to those tractors and trailers being in operation or subject to repair.