On September 7th, 2015 there was a publication of the decree No. 930 of the Government of the Russian Federation "On the introduction of changes to the unified list of products which are subject to mandatory certification". This decree was adopted on September 3rd, 2015.

The decree dwells upon the modification of the list of products for which according to the requirements of the Russian system GOST R it is compulsory to obtain a certificate. This list was confirmed by the decree No. 982 of the Government of the Russian Federation on December 1st, 2009.
Thus, it was decided to add to the list the customs code group "Cement" starting with digits 2523. The group includes the following items:
  • portland cement
  • bauxite cement
  • slag cement
  • sulphuric slag cement and hydraulic cement, colored / non-colored, in the shape of clinker, etc.
The obtaining of the certificate for these products becomes compulsory from the effective date of the decree, i. e. from March 7th, 2016.