On 30 March, 2017 the Decision of the Eurasian Economic Commission No. 12 was officially published. It concerns the introduction of amendments to the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union "On safety of toys" (CU TR 008/2011).

The decision was adopted on March 17, 2017; it is going to come into force one year after its publication.

Amendment No. 1 is regarding the introduction of new designations that are used in the regulation. Thus, in article N° 2 the following designations will appear:

  • magnetic toy
  • magnetic element of a toy
  • functional magnet

Amendment No. 2

Article 4. Changes in accordance with the following security requirements will be requested:

  • pendular swings must be firm and secure
  • seats for children under 3 years of age must provide for fall protection

In addition, the new requirements for magnetic toys will be introduced.

Technical Regulation CU TR 008/2011 was adopted by Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union No. 798 of September 23, 2011. It has been in force since July 01, 2012. The list of toys for which a certificate of conformity is required and where corresponding TN VED (=HS codes) are indicated was adopted by the Decision of the Commission of the Eurasian Economic Union N° 11 of January 31, 2013.

The text of the Technical Regulation CU TR 008/2011 in English and / or in French commented by the experts of CCIS-EXPERTISE can be found here.