On December 9, 2011 the 33rd session of the Customs Union Commission was held, where members were briefed on the implementation of the Action Plan for the creation of Unique Economic Space of Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation and adopted a series of legal documents.

Members of the Commission adopted 10 technical regulations of the Customs Union:

  • "About safety of grain";

  • "About safety of devices, operating on gaseous fuels";

  • "About safety of light industry products ";

  • "About Safety of Vehicles";

  • "About safety of personal protective equipment";

  • "Electromagnetic compatibility of equipment";

  • "About food safety";

  • "Food products in part of its labeling";

  • "Technical regulations for fruit and vegetables juice production ";

  • "Technical Regulations on the oil and fat products."

Source: Official website of the Customs Union