Members of the Commission made changes to a unique commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity of the Customs Union and the Unique Customs Tariff of the Customs Union in respect of certain types of bars, shapes, sections, and certain types of sugar (in terms of seasonal customs duties).

The meeting approved the amendments to the Agreement about the licensing rules in the field of foreign trade issued on June 9, 2009, providing the possibility of exchanging information between the customs and the licensing authorities about licenses implementation in electronic form, if this is in accordance with national legislation of the Parties.

In addition, changes were made in the Regulations about the importation into and exportation from the customs territory of the Customs Union of human organs and (or) tissues, blood and its components; in the Regulations about the importation into exportation from and transit through the customs territory of the Customs Union, of civil and service weapons, their basic (composite) parts and ammunition, as well as in section 2.22 of the Single List of goods subject to prohibitions or restrictions on the import or export by the Member States of the Customs Union within EurAsEC in trade with third countries.


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