According to it, fireworks are subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity to the requirements of technical regulations in the form of declaration of conformity or certification.

Transportation of fireworks with a subclass of the transport danger without loss of weight, is made by road along the route, developed by the consignor or consignee, in compliance with the rules for transporting by a vehicle having a certificate of admission to the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and operated by a driver that has access to the Carriage of Dangerous Goods.

Retail of household fireworks is performed in stores, departments and sections of stores, kiosks and pavilions which ensure the safety of products, preventing from direct sunlight and precipitation exposure. Immediate loading rates of commercial premises by pyrotechnic goods shall be established at the rate of 1200 kg per 25 m.

According to experts, technical regulations will contribute to unscrupulous exporters and manufacturers especially Chinese artisans leaving the market.

Source: Russian Journal: