A Technical Regulation No. 032/2013 (to take effect on 1 February 2014) "On the safety of equipment working under pressure" (CU TR 032/2013) It was approved on 02/07/2013 by the decision n. 41 of the Eurasian Economic Commission Council.

The new Technical Regulation will apply to certain categories of pressure vessels, piping systems, assemblies, industrial valves, pressure fittings, safety accessories and controls, hyperbaric chambers (with the exeption of medical single-seater chambers).
All appliances covered by the new Technical Regulation of the Customs union will be provided with the technical passport, user manual and technical file. The drafting of the technical passport is borne by the manufacturer. The boilers, pressure vessels, tanks and valves will also have the serial number. The uation of the compliance of the equipment covered by the new Technical Regulation directive will be done through mandatory certification by a third party, or under the self-certification (declaration of conformity). The certificates of conformity issued for products covered by the CU new Technical Regulation of the Customs union CU TR 032/2013 directive issued before the 01/02/2014, will remain valid until 01/08/2015, regardless of the expiration date stated therein (if they expire after 01/08/2015). Until 01/08/2014 production and placing on the market of the Customs union of the products exempt from the mandatory certification before the entry into force of the aforementioned directive is permitted (Eurasian Economic Commission decision n. 812 of 15/10/2013).

CU TR 032/2013 on safety of pressure equipment