Mr. Temir Sariev, the premier minister of the country, emphasized that the signing of the documents was aimed at forming the single market of goods, services and labour within the Customs Union. Kirgyzstan’s accession to the Union was supported by the President, the parliament and the majority of the country’s population (80-90 per cent).

Kyrgyzstan has been preparing for this “historic landmark event” for three years. There are two sides of Kirgyzstan’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Union. On the one hand, migrants would receive new rights, there would be the free movement of goods, including cars. Besides, by being a fully-fledged member the country is going to receive a number of privileges, such as an inpayment to the budget amounting to 1,9% of share from customs payments, five-years privileges to the import of some goods, creation of Kirghiz-Russian fund of development with the capital of 1 billion dollars, the grant of 200 million dollars from Russia. The negotiations are being held about Kazakstan’s granting of 100 million dollars.

On the other hand, as soon as the borders with Kazakhstan are open, the new customs duties are coming into force. The goods which were imported before the signing of the accession treaty will circulate freely on the territory of EAEU. They are currently subject to a duty of 0.35 cents, whereas after the accession the duties are going to increase to an average of 2.4 dollars. Thus, each product has its own rate of customs duty.
Head of the Government Temir Sariev noted that the agreements will come into force after the parliaments of all the member-states of the ЕАEU ratify the agreement. According to the country’s government, the parliaments of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belorussian have already included this question into their agenda. The parliament of Armenia has been asked to look into this issue as soon as possible. All in all, it might take one to two months until all member-states ratify the agreement. As of now, Kirghizstan finished all interstate procedures for the accession to ЕАEU. The further step would be to direct the corresponding note to the Eurasian Economical Commission.