On June 25, 2015 the Eurasian Economic Commission submitted the amendments’ draft No. 1 to the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 010/2011 “On the safety of machinery and equipment” (CU TR 010/2011) for the finalization within each member state of the EAEU. The aim of the draft is to specify the means of conformity assessment of technological equipment for companies working in commerce, public catering and food services. It is suggested to leave only one means of conformity assessment for the mentioned equipment, i.e. obtaining a declaration of conformity (further - DoC). It is also planned to introduce 3 categories of such equipment, such as:

  • mechanical equipment for food processing;
  • equipment for vegetable warehouses and bar factories;
  • thermal equipment for companies dealing with public catering and food services.
If the amendments are accepted there will no longer be a necessity to obtain a certificate of conformity (further - CoC) for such equipment.
It is worth mentioning that in the current version of CU TR 010/2011 the equipment destined for public catering and food services sector is both subject to obtaining a DoC and a CoC. There are no clarifications whatsoever concerning the type of equipment and its area of application.
The amendments have been in discussion for 2 years.