From 11 December 2022, a new edition of CU TR 004/2011 "On the safety of low-voltage equipment" is being applied. Regulatory amendments were adopted by Decision No. 90 of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) dated 10 June 2022.

The EEC Council approved the following draft amendments :


"Low voltage equipment"

The wording of the term "low-voltage equipment" has been changed to: "electrical equipment with a nominal voltage (except spark discharge voltage) at all inputs and outputs not exceeding AC 1,000 V and DC 1,500 V."

"Used low voltage equipment"
A definition of used low-voltage equipment is also introduced: "... low-voltage equipment showing one or more signs of operation (pollution, external and internal dust, traces of exposure to extreme temperatures, liquids or sunlight, corrosion, patina, scratches, and other damage, violated or modified parameters and pre-sale programs, assemblies, parts, components repaired or replaced, lack of seals, caps, protective coatings, shells, housings and other items removed during operation), which has been used in accordance with its intended purpose by the consumer (user) or which is documented."

"A lot of low voltage equipment"

A low-voltage equipment batch is a set of low-voltage equipment units of the same name and/or designation, produced within a certain period of time under the same production conditions and accompanied by a shipping document.

"Household equipment"

"Household electrical equipment - electrical equipment intended for use by the consumer (user) for purposes not related to production, trade and other commercial activities, the operational documents of which do not contain a prohibition on use in the everyday life."

List of products not subject to CU TR 004/2011

The project proposes to clarify and expand the list of products not subject to the requirements of CU TR 004/2011, namely:

Equipment covered

  • CU TR 010/2011 "Safety of machinery and equipment"
  • CU TR 011/2011 "Safety of lifts"
  • CU TR 012/2011 "Safety of equipment in explosion hazardous environments "

Excluding cables, wires, cords.

  • Equipment manufactured by legal persons and individual contractors, if it is NOT intended for circulation, free transfer, rental, leasing.
  • Components of low-voltage equipment, if they are accessible to the consumer only as integrated into the equipment (delivery by the manufacturer under the contract).
  • Equipment components (connectors, winding wires, printed circuit boards, microswitches, relays, integrated circuits, discrete semiconductor devices, capacitors, inductors, resistors, filters) whose safety can only be determined as part of the equipment.

List of equipment subject to certification

The proposed amendments complete Annex 1 to the Technical Regulation, which establishes a list of equipment subject to conformity assessment in the form of certification. Articles added:

  • Automatic control devices for household appliances;
  • Control consoles and panels, controllers;
  • Personal computers, including system blocks;
  • Cash registers, including those working in conjunction with a computer.

What is included in office equipment:

  • Scanners, printers and copiers;
  • Monitors;
  • Uninterruptible power supplies;
  • Active acoustic systems;
  • Multimedia projectors.

Heading "4. Electrified tools (hand-held and portable electric machines)" have been replaced by "4. Electric heating tool »

Article 7 (circuit breakers, residual current devices) was supplemented by the words "fuses, switchgear, switches, contactors, starters"

Items excluded from the list:

  • "8. Apparatus for the distribution of electrical energy"
  • "9. Electrical apparatus for testing electrotechnical installations"