On June 21, 2021, the Federal Law No. 460-FZ dated December 22, 2020, which amends the Federal Law No.184-FZ of December 27, 2002 ‘On Technical Regulation’, came into force.

One of the important modifications introduced by the Federal Law No. 460-FZ is the revision of the requirements for product labeling. From now on, products subject to mandatory conformity assessment according to the Russian national standards (GOST R) or Russian technical regulations * need to be labeled with the market circulation mark “STR” (“СТР”) instead of the conformity mark “RST” (“РСТ”).

* Not to be confused with the Technical Regulation of the Customs (Eurasian) Union requesting EAC conformity mark.

The Decree includes a new Section XVIII devoted to the procedure for product labeling with a market circulation mark, which establishes a single mark for all the products subject to conformity assessment: “Products, whose conformity is assessed in accordance with the procedure stipulated by this Decree, are labeled with a market circulation mark.”

Examples of equipment/products subject to mandatory conformity assessment according to the Russian national standards are sited below:

  • Dishes, e.g. plates, glasses, bowls;
  • Household products in aerosol packaging;
  • High-voltage equipment.

The provisions of the Decree apply only to those products which are subject to conformity assessment after June 21, 2021. Products that have undergone conformity assessment before that date and have been duly marked with a conformity mark («РСТ» - CCIS) can circulate on the market with this conformity mark during the validity period of the certificate or declaration GOST R. However, this is only allowed until June 22, 2022.

The conformity mark is applied to each unit of production. If it is not possible to apply it to the products themselves, labels, packaging and accompanying documents are used. The place where the mark will be placed is chosen by the manufacturer or the applicant. The mark must be clearly visible, resistant to external influences, applied in a way that is safe for the product and remain legible throughout its validity.