On April 30, 2021, the draft amendment to the Technical Regulation CU TR 032/2013 "On safety of pressure equipment" became subject to public discussion that will continue until July 30, 2021.

This draft defines the changes related to the format of conformity documents, schemes and conformity assessment procedures approved by Decision No. 44 of the EEC Council dated 18 April 2018.

In particular, the revised version of the Technical Regulation introduces a definition of "type of equipment".

Another important amendment is the addition of two new conformity assessment schemes:

- declaration scheme 7d for a batch of equipment based on a product type verification;

- certification scheme 9c for a single unit of industrial equipment designed for companies registered in the territory of the EEU.

The updated edition of CU TR 032 will also include a new section "Equipment Type Verification". It should be noted that there are no detailed requirements for such a procedure in the current version.

Declaration of pressure equipment under the 7d scheme

The 7d scheme aims to complement the 5d scheme, which is applicable to serial production. It is intended for a batch or a single unit, including custom-made equipment.

The declaration procedure under the 7d scheme is carried out on the basis of the technical file elaborated by the declarant (if applicable) in collaboration with a certification body. If necessary, the results of tests from an accredited laboratory may also be required.

The applicant (a legal representative of the manufacturer or an importer) must be registered as a company or an individual entrepreneur in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

In order to register a declaration under the 7d scheme, the certification experts carry out a thorough analysis of the technical file provided by the applicant and verify the conformity of the equipment with the certified type.

Certification of pressure equipment under the 9c scheme

The 9c certification scheme is applied to single unitы of industrial equipment designed for companies registered in the territory of the EEU.

The requirements for the applicant are the same as for the 7d scheme, i.e. it can be a legal representative of the manufacturer or an importer.

The certification procedure is based on the analysis of the technical documentation.

Equipment Type Verification

Equipment Type Verification is an analysis of the parameters and characteristics of a prototypical model (sample) of the equipment intended for serial production to ensure its compliance with the safety requirements set by the local standards.

Only manufacturers or their legal representatives can apply for such type of analysis.

The Equipment Type Verification is carried out by a certification body in partnership with an accredited laboratory (if necessary), which either performs tests and measures a sample of the equipment or analyses the technical documentation and conducts tests on a sample or its main components.

Declaration can now be replaced by certification

Under the amended edition of the CU TR 032/2013, the applicant can replace declaration procedure by certification.

This measure applies to all types of equipment and equipment components, except for equipment composed of non-dismantled parts that should be assembled at the site of operation.

The applicant may also opt for certification in case of missing or insufficient evidence of compliance with the requirements of the Regulation.

It is expected that the new version of the Technical Regulation 032/2013 will enter into force six months after the adoption of the amendments and its official publication.