On 6 May 2020, the Decision No. 32 of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission dated March 29, 2019 intended to amend the Customs Union Technical Regulation on safety of perfumes and cosmetic products (CU TR 009/2011) came into force.

As a reminder, the Decision No. 32 introduces the following modifications:

- scope of application of the Technical Regulation ;

- identification rules of cosmetic products ;

- terminology used to designate cosmetic products ;

- issuance requirements for cosmetic products.

For more information, please read the full article here: (http://www.ccis-expertise.com/en/news/253-recent-modifications-of-conformity-assessment-procedure-of-cosmetic-products-for-the-eurasian-market)

Please note that, according to this Decision, all State Registration Certificates issued before May 5, 2020 that used to be valid for life are now valid until May 5, 2023 inclusive. Thus, from this time onwards, State Registration Certificates will be issued for a maximum period of five years.

Apart from the limitation of the validity period, it is not necessary to reissue these certificates.


The products listed in Annex No. 12 of CU TR 009/2011 are concerned by the procedure for obtaining a State Registration Certificate:

- bronzers

- products for skin lightening

- intended for permanent makeup (tattoo)

- intimate hygiene

- individual skin protection against the influence of industrial factors

- products for children

- products for the chemical coloring of hair

- products for crimping and chemical disentangling

- products made with nanomaterials

- products for depilation

- products for peeling (chemical peeling)

- fluorine-containing products (for oral care products with a fluoride mass content greater than 0.15%)

- teeth whiteners containing perhydrol (0.1 - 0.6%)

As for the registration procedure for the declaration of conformity of cosmetic and perfume products in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulation CU TR 009/2011, the new amendment allows not to repeat or carry out additional tests in the case of the following changes:

- identification of technical errors in the declaration or its annex;

- change of the legal status, head office address, telephone number and/or e-mail address of the applicant (the legal representative of the manufacturer (seller)). The applicant must inform of any changes in writing;

- change of the legal status, telephone number, e-mail address and/or the address of the manufacturer's head office without changing the address of the manufacturing site. The applicant must inform of any change in writing;

- modification of HTS code(s).

Meanwhile, the validity period of the declaration of conformity for cosmetic and perfume products in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulation CU TR 009/2011 remains unchanged.

When you add non-toxic ingredients to your cosmetic product formula, additional tests should be carried out. However, adoption of a new declaration of conformity is not required.