The Technical Regulation on Requirements for Fire Safety and Extinguishing Devices is scheduled to come into force on January 1, 2020. It outlines among others the marking requirements for equipment to be subject to this Regulation.

The conformity assessment schemes are set out in the Annex to the Regulation. Thus the devices of extinction which will be covered by a certificate of conformity are the following:

  • Fire extinguishing powders for general use;
  • Foaming agents for extinguishing fires;
  • Fire-proof materials (wood-based materials, steel / concrete, cables);
  • Wiring products of non-metallic materials;
  • Fire extinguishers (portable, mobile);
  • Autonomous fire extinguishing devices;
  • Smoke detectors, including manual;
  • Sources of continuous power for technical means of fire automation systems;
  • Fire alarms;
  • Portable display devices and others.

The products below are subject to a declaration of conformity:

  • Fire extinguishing agents working on gas;
  • Cabinets and fire valves;
  • Mobile extinguishing devices (vehicles, automatic elevators, trucks, automatic ladders, etc.);
  • Drain valves, filters suitable for automatic water or foam installations for fire-fighting purposes;
  • Hydraulic sound alarms;
  • Fire rescue belts;
  • Carabiners of fire;
  • Tools for special work in fires;
  • Firelights, thermal imagers, radio beacons, sound beacons;
  • Water collection device and others.

For the process of certification the following certification schemes are applicable: 1c, 3c or 4c, whereas for the process of declaration - 3d, 4d and 6d.