On January 20, 2017 a public discussion started on the draft list of products, for which the customs declaration is accompanied by the submission of a conformity assessment document (the EAC Declaration or Certificate of Conformity) according to Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On Safety of Machinery and Equipment" (CU TR 010/2011).

The list includes a group of machines and equipment with the HS EAEC codes (Harmonized System codes applicable in the Eurasian Union), for which, prior to placing on the market, it is necessary to obtain a certificate / register a declaration of conformity.

Certificate CU TR 010/2011 is intended for the following equipment:

  1. Wood processing machines;
  2. Snowmobile, snow and jeeps from marshes and their trailers;
  3. Garage equipment;
  4. Agricultural machinery;
  5. Livestock, poultry and fodder production machinery;
  6. Material handling equipment, cranes etc.

Declaration CU TR 010/2011 is intended for the following equipment:

  1. Gas turbines and turbines installations;
  2. Crushers;
  3. Conveyors;
  4. Equipment for processing polymeric materials;
  5. Pumping equipment;
  6. Cutters, industrial knives, etc.

The Russian version of a complete list of the equipment, which will represent an annex to the CU TR 010/2011 can be found here.
The review of the document will last until February 9, 2017.