Main provisions of the regulation project

The following items are going to be affected by the provisions of the regulation (in compliance with Annex No 1 to the regulation project):

  1. Electric appliances and household devices (kitchen equipment, devices for processing of the linen, clothes and footwear, devices for premises cleaning, etc.).

  2. Electronic computers and devices connected to them, including their combinations (servers, system blocks, notebooks, tablets, pocket and other small-sized computers).

  3. Telecommunication facilities (stationary and mobile telephones, automatic telephone devices, faxes etc.).

  4. Copymachines and other electric office equipment.

  5. Electric tools (hand-operated and portable machines).

  6. Light sources and light equipment, including those built into furniture.

  7. Musical instruments.

  8. Game and trade automatic devices.

  9. Cash registers, readers of identification cards, information stands.

  10. Cables, wires and cords intended for use at rated voltage of no more than 500 V under variable and/or direct current, except optical fibre cables.

  11. Automatic switches, protective switch-off devices.

  12. Fire detectors, security alerts and fire-security annunciators.

The regulation will not apply to electric toys, components of electric equipment, electric equipment intended only for the use on air, water, onshore and underground transport, electric batteries and accumulators, second-hand articles, etc.

The issue of items of electrical engineering and radio electronics will be possible only on condition that the declaration of conformity with the requirements of such regulation is registered. These points are mentioned in article 20 of chapter VII of TR CU.

Declaring will be implemented according to one of following outlines:

  • 1d, 3d or 6 d for mass production;

  • 2d or 4d for a consignment.

NB Only the manufacturer himself or his authorised person will be able to register the declaration for mass production. On the contrary, if delivery of goods in consignments takes place both seller / importer are authorized to act as declaration parties. At the option of the applicant declaring can be replaced by certification. Attention must be paid to the fact that in the foreword to the regulation project it is determined that in case items fall under the effect of other regulations it is obligatory to follow the requirements of each of them. Thus, depending on parameters and assignments the equipment can fall under the effect of the following documents:

The requirements to confirm product’s conformity are set in each regulation.