You are planning to establish a production unit on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union and CIS economic space?

YOU ARE: An industrial investor, an engineering firm, an integrator, a manufacturer, etc.


  • to implement the project successfully and to take into account all local characteristics through all stages of implementation: pre-project, engineering, purchase, construction, commissioning, placing on the market, production
  • throughout your implementation project:
    • meet deadlines
    • meet the budget
    • reduce the risk
    • manage performance
    • manage the configuration, etc.


  • consulting on the upstream about regulatory requirements which are applicable to your project
  • state expertise required to draft / basic design / validation for specification
  • registration of the technical concept in Rostekhnadzor for hazardous industrial sites
  • environmental expertise for industrial projects
  • equipment certification in accordance with the local standards (GOST R, GOST, TR, Explosion-proof, fire safety, RTN Permit, etc.)
  • choice of optimized schedule for certification / homologation that takes into account all the specifics of your project (the specifics of your deliveries, your relationship with your client / partner abroad, the nature of your products)
  • managing the work flow diagram of your project and the advancement of homologation, help and consult in development as well as translation of the certification file
  • monitoring the changes in the local regulatory procedures which are applicable and occur during the project (equipment, manufacturers, building codes, etc.)
  • implementation of the communication about the changes related to the applicable the local regulatory procedures
  • support requests (consultancy, certification, etc.) of your subcontractors
  • checking the validity of regulatory documents (certificates, licenses, etc.) provided by your subcontractors
  • establishment of regulatory monitoring
  • monitoring suppliers and contracts


Guarantee of the project viability from the design phase by incorporating the local regulatory constraints to all project partners
Compliance with the schedule of implementation

Reliability of solutions

  • ensuring the integrity of buildings
  • ensuring compliance


CCIS-EXPERTISE is your professional consultant for the issues of civil and industrial construction. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we support you in planning and project management, and in adapting planning to local peculiarities (Russification of the project) in the Russian Federation as well as the Eurasian Economic Union and CIS economic space.

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EAC - Eurasian Conformity

Technical Regulations CU TR

Certificate of Conformity GOST R