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Technical Regulations CU TR

History and main definitions

In 2002, Federal Law N° 184-FZ on “Technical Regulation” announced the beginning of significant changes in the system of checking the conformity of products in Russia. The concept of this new approach is the development of general as well as specific Technical Regulations (TR). The general TRs are related to hazards, e.g. the TRs on "electromagnetic compatibility" or TRs on "nuclear and radiological security". The specific TRs, as their name suggests are specific to the major product groups and meet compliance requirements common to these products.

As a part of specific TRs, Russian standardsare no longer mandatory and there is a larger spectrum of  element to consider when conformity of products.
The Certificate of Conformity TR certifies that the product compliance has been verified, and that the verification was considered sufficient by qualified experts.

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Scope and relevant products 


Each specific Regulation has a list of products / equipments subject to the control of mandatory compliance in the form of certification or declaration of compliance with theTRs.
Currently 21 specific TRs are effective in Russia:
  • Technical Regulationson milk and dairy products
  • Technical Regulations on fats and oils
  • Technical Regulations on products based on fruits and vegetables juices
  • Technical Regulation on safety of machinery and equipment "TR Machinery" etc.
Voluntary certificationispossible in some TR (e.g. milk and diary products)or no longer exists in others(e.g. TR on machinery and equipment).
Currently the Certificate of Conformity TR coexists with the Certificate of Conformity GOST R which shows the importance of the correct definitionof the regulatory framework (TR or GOSTR) for certification of product compliance

Certificate of Conformity TRMarket Launch

Certification schemes specific to each product type are shown in the corresponding TR. Certification procedures may include one or more of the following steps:
  • expertise of technical administrative record
  • validationof specifications
  • product testing
  • audit of the manufacturing site
  • obtaining certificatesand / or complementary and preliminary records
  • translation into Russian
  • label development for Russian market
  • review and compliance of the manufacturing or associated literature
The different patterns of monitoring compliance provide procedures tailored to export terms and conditions and to the internal organization of the exporter:
  • of a batch of goods
  • of mass production
Monitoring compliance "per shipment" includestransactionswithin the on-time delivery contract or if the productscan be clearly identified (e.g. by the serial numbersof equipment).
Regular activity of exporters in Russia justifies the establishment of control for a series of homogeneous production lot. The validity of the certification / declaration in series can be up to 5 years; it is related to the stability of the manufacture of controlled products.

Certificate of Conformity TR

Terms of validity and receipt of certificates:

Type of certificate
Terms of receipt
Terms of establishment of certification record
by exporter (standard procedure)
by us (accelerated procedure)
Certificate of Conformity TR
Valid for return: on-time shipment of a unique product or a batch of goods
5 business days*
1-2 months
10 business days
Certificate of Conformity TR
Valid up to 5 years for lot production
25 business days*
1-2 months
10 business days
Certificate of Conformity TR
Valid for return: on-time shipment of a unique product or a batch of goods
5 business days*
1-2 months
10 business days
Certificate of Conformity TR
Valid up to 5 years for lot production
25 business days*
1-2 months
10 business days

Conformity Marking TR

The conformity marking "TR" consists of an acronym.It means that the machineis certified to be compliant with the essential health and safety requirements of the Technical Regulations. It provides access to the free displacement of the machine on the whole territory ofthe Russian Federation
TR conformity marking shall also be affixed visibly on the products and/or the accompanying documents
TR logo is presented below:
Mark of Conformity TR Russia

Our solutions:

  • delivery of TR certificates / declarations
  • advice on the compilation of records for the conformity assessment
  • verification of the compliance to the specifications
  • assistance during the audit of manufacturing site
  • assistance during regulatory testing
  • controlof certified sites tracking

Supplementary Service:

  • regulatory monitoring of the sector
  • regulatory monitoring which allows anticipating continued compliance of your products, for example: prospective analysis of mass production
  • provision ofstatutory instruments applicable to your products translated and commented by our experts.

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