Eurasian union (ex Customs union) : Armenia, Belarus, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan

Certification and products compliance


Certification and products compliance

Pattern Approval certificate of Eurasian Union

Scope and relevant products

All measuring devices regardless their area of use must have the Pattern Approval Certificate.
The main areas of use are:
  • health, veterinary medicine, environmental protection, labour safety;
  • operations and trade agreements, including automated acts;
  • federal accounting;
  • federal defence;
  • geodeticand hydro meteorological activities;
  • banking, taxation, customs and postal operations; 
In addition, as a part of:
  • product manufacturing on federal request;
  • testing and quality controlof product compliance assessment with Russian standards;
  • mandatory certification of products and services;
  • measurements by request of the court, the public prosecution, the arbitral tribunal, the Russian federal authorities;
  • registration of national and international sporting performance.
Also at the regional level, other sectors may be affected by the Pattern Approval Certificate.

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